I offer single-piece and segmented wood urns in any size shape or design you would like. Below are sample photos of some of my work and computer design templates. Specify the type of wood and size you want and I will make it for you. I typically stock oak, ash, cherry, walnut, maple, oage orange, and some exotic woods. Send me an email and I will let you know what woods I have available and if I have to order stock how long it will take. Exotic woods take from one week to six weeks to order in. I make Urns a priority due to situation involved and certainly hope my craftsmanship is worthy of the expression of love you hold for your loved one who has passed.

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I also make box urns upon request. Submit the dimensions you want and what type of wood (or color) and I will send you some design options and photos along with a price quote. Below is a box urn design I made recently.

Below is a chart from a program I use for designing some vases and Urns. If you have an idea please feel free to reference the chart design VASE NAME and I will send you an actual design and the associated price quote.

Handles on the urns and vases are optional and an additional cost. Most customers prefer their urns and vases to be made without handles.

The above photos are pieces I have made. Some I still have in my collection. If you are interested in a particular piece shown above let me know and I will send you a price. If you would like to design your own piece, please feel free to send me the size and shape and I will send you some prices based on current wood costs.