~How-to videos~

In the shop, whether cutting wood, wood turning, forming metal, or just simple things, always remember that safety comes first. Never take the easy way out when it could risk an injury, fire, or damage to your work.

Other than shop safety, the single most important aspect of woodworking is to know your tools. In woodworking your tools must always be sharp and in good condition. If not, then people tend to use more force when trying to cut and end up getting hurt or killed. I cannot offer any better shop advice than this paragraph.

These are basic How to Wood Turn videos which do a good job of explaining the basics wood turners use.


Specific techniques in Wood Turning


Sharpening tools is key to good safe wood working. These videos show efficient ways to properly sharpen your tools in the shop.



These Basic Blacksmithing Videos are a good start for the novice Smith seeking to learn the basics of shaping and forming metal.

This video is an awesome display of blacksmithing skill in making an axe and then the swedish wooden lodge construction.




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