My bows are all made of custom cut and shop dried wood. Most of the bows I make are laminated recurve bows formed out of a base wood (osage orange, oak, hickory, ash, cherry, etc.) and consist of a thin stave with laminated slats added to it. I cut and sand each slat to a custom taper to assure proper bow balance when drawn and released. After each slat is cut it is dried a second time to assure low moisture content before it is glued. The bow is then assembled and glued with proper compression to assure even glueing and bow form. After allowing the glue to cure the bow is taken from one of my many bowforms and dressed down to the finished bow. the bow is hand tillered to assure straight arrow flight downrange when shot.

I also make self bows and longbows. I don't recommend such a bow for hunting when a recurve can be used instead. Longbows tend to take alot of maintenance and are prone to breaking when used by inexperienced archers. Only those interested in having a longbow crafted and then dedicated routine maintenance should use a longbow.

My longbows run in length from 48" to 80" and draw weights from 20# to 100#. The hand grips are typically handsewn leather and the bows have horn or antler strong nocks. If you are interested in a longbow please send an inquiry and I will respond with photos and quotes.

My recurve bows come in varying lengths and draw weights. I make youth bows of shorter length and draw weights for the begining archer, as well as full length (60+ inches) and draw weights (35# to 70#) as requested by my clients.

All of my bows are fully functional hunting and sporting bows. They are not toys and must be respected for what they are capable of from target shooting to taking down big game.

The photos below will give you an idea of how my bows look when completed. I offer solid bows and take-down bows.


row 1

row 2


I can make any length (40" for youth to 72" for adults) and draw weight bow (20# to 80# with +/- 2# tolerance) you would like. Send me your thoughts on what you would like and I will reply with some design concepts and price quote. My prices start at $160 for youth bows and $280 for adult bows. All bows come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and warping if the bow is taken care of and maintained per my instructions. Please contact me with any questions.